CamDoMachine - Free Time Lapse Software

Build Quick and Simple TimeLapse Videos

Windows, Linux and Mac versions

CamDoMachine is CamDo's free time lapse software so you can create quick and easy time lapses.

With a focus on simplicity, CamDoMachine lets you very quickly review your timelapse from the raw footage without the need for bloated software.

Software like GoPro's own GoPro Studio is powerful but it only lets you use GoPro footage. CamDoMachine can take images from any source including ShootX.

Once exported, you can use more advanced post production software to add titles, music, etc

The short video above shows how simple it is.

Best of all it is free!

To download, simply visit the download page here.

Note that as it is free software, we cannot provide any product support. However the software is very simple and we have a basic guide here. If you find any bugs, please feel free to send a note to support.