Hi. We're CamDo Solutions.

We’re in the business of improvement. The enhancement of the GoPro camera. The constant innovation of our own product line. And the efficiency of your workflow.


We began as a solution to enhance an already great product. Peter Jennings, the man behind it all, was given a GoPro to wear on his helmet while paragliding. He wanted to use the time lapse feature to record over several days, but found that it only lasted 2 hours.

A tinkerer at heart and by trade, he designed a controller to use the shutter power of the camera to run the processor with the camera off, but using little power. This allowed 2,000 photos on one battery, regardless of how long it took. So he posted it online for fellow GoPro enthusiasts to take advantage of.

The response was overwhelming. Peter began getting contacted by people asking to buy one. So he manufactured a batch to test. And sold out of them before he even received the product.


As sales continued to grow, Peter gained the reputation as the go-to-guy for GoPro solutions. People reach out with a need, and he’d design a solution. Many of the products we carry today are versions of those original solutions. Over time, we’ve improved each product and have created systems to take GoPro cameras to places they’ve never been before.

Our team has grown to a talented team of worldwide engineers and professionals that has extensive experience in collaborating with a wide range of customers on achieving their goals.


We’ve gotten to know our customers and understand the real challenges they face in the various projects they aim to capture. We offer solutions that can be configured to according to their specific needs. We’re interested in providing end-to-end solutions – from hardware to software - to allow you to do more.

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