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Solar Enclosure Set-Up Guide

CamDo Solutions Solar Enclosure Setup Guide

Solar Pack Contents

This guide describes how to setup your CamDo solar enclosure. In addition to setting up your equipment, please make reference to our comprehensive time lapse guide, "How to Time Lapse" here. In particular, please make reference to Composition to make sure you are shooting what you want to shoot and the time lapse calculations and associated camera settings.

Package Contents

1. Dry Enclosure
2. 6 or 9 Watt Solar Panel
3. Double Ball Socket Mounting Arm
4. CamDo Controller such as Blink (Intervalometer Pictured)
5. GoPro Camera*                                                                                            

6. UV Lens Filter

7. Power Cable Adapters
8. GoPro Charging Cable/Battery Eliminator*
9. V15 Battery Pack* (plus V44 optional extra)
10. USB Battery Charger (to connect multiple batteries)

 * This item may differ depending on your package variant

Setup Instructions 


1. Connect the output of the battery pack to the GoPro camera using the USB to mini-USB cable (HERO4) or the H3 Battery Eliminator (HERO3/3+). NOTE: If using Blink, we recommend removing the internal camera battery and plugging external battery pack power directly into Blink. 

If you are using a HERO3 or HERO3+ camera, we strongly recommend using a H3 Battery Eliminator. The coupler style Battery Eliminator replaces the GoPro battery to bypass a problem that some users have had with the GoPro charging logic causing the camera to freeze and require a reset. The HERO4 is much more reliable when being operated while it is changing and can be powered using the camera's mini-USB port.

Solar Enclosure Internal Power Solution
2. Activate the battery pack’s Always On

If you hold down the power button for six seconds and the charge indicator flashes 3 times and stays lit for a second or two, you are now in Always On mode. If you hold down the power button for six seconds and the charge indicator flashes 2 times and then goes dark, you are in Auto Off mode. If you are not in the desired mode. Press the button again for 6 seconds to change modes.

V15 Battery Always On Setting
3. Connect the CamDo Controller to the camera and follow the instructions here to program it to the desired settings. The CamDo Controller will be one of either the Blink, Time Lapse Intervalometer, Programmable Scheduler, or Motion Detector


4. Place the GoPro in the camera slot within the enclosure. Ensure that the velcro strap is fastened tightly to the back of the camera.
Securing GoPro Camera in CamDo Solutions' Solar Enclosure
5. Thread the solar panel cable through the cable gland at the bottom of the enclosure and tighten the cable gland at the insert around the wire.
Threading Solar Enclosure Cable Wire

6. Plug the solar panel cable into the battery pack using the appropriate adapter. The V15 battery charges with the F3511 to mini-USB adapter. The V44 charges with the F3511 to M5521 adapter.

NOTE: If you are using an additional V44 battery in conjunction with a V15, plug in as follows: 
1. Plug solar panel cable into V44 round barrel connector labelled "DC- in").

2. Plug V44 output (red USB connection labelled "For Tablets 5V 2000mA ") into V15 (micro USB port on side of V15 battery).

3. Plug output from V15 (standard USB connection on top of battery) into mini USB connector on the camera or Blink. If you are using Blink, we recommend removing the internal camera battery and plugging directly into Blink.

V15 and V44 External Batteries for GoPro Cameras
7. Close the front door of the enclosure and fasten the clips to ensure a water resistant seal.
Solar Enclosure Fastening Mechanism
8.  Tighten the UV Lens Filter onto the lens adapter on the front of the enclosure.
Solar Enclosure Lens
9. Use the double ball socket arm to attach the solar panel to the enclosure.
Solar Enclosure Double Ball Socket Arm Attachment
10. Use the ¼"-20 threaded holes on the back and bottom of the mounting bracket to attach the enclosure using standard tripod screws. Alternatively, thread the straps through the slots on the back of the mounting bracket to attach the enclosure to a pole and the screw holes can be used to adjust the angle of the enclosure.

Mounting the Solar Enclosure for GoPro Cameras

Mounting the Solar Enclosure for GoPro Cameras

11. Adjust the solar panel for optimal sun exposure and tighten the double ball socket arm to prevent the panel from moving.
CamDo Solutions Solar Enclosure