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GoPro Multiple Camera Cables

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Multiple Camera Cables

Bullet Cam

Whether you want to arrange 5, 6 or more cameras to make a 360 degree panorama like Google Street View, or line up 50 cameras to make a bullet time slice "Matrix" video, we can help you.

Cam-Do cables operate the PWR/Mode button of the GoPro HD Hero, HD Hero 2 and White Hero 3 cameras. When used with the Hero 3 Black or Hero 3+ Black, it is possible to turn the cameras on together and execute a Super One Button Mode script which takes a photo or short video and then turns the camera off. It is not possible to turn off the Hero 3 or Hero 3+ Black using the cable control button. The cameras are isolated to protect the electronics of the camera and to make it easier to configure each camera without having to unplug the cable.

To use these cables, the GoPro camera must be set up in One Button Mode so that starting the camera starts the capture of video or still photos automatically. The control cables turn the camera on and off as if you were pressing the power button on all the cameras at the same time.

Standard Pentapus

3 camera pentapus The standard Pentapus includes connectors for 2 to 8 cameras with cables to a central hub. These connectors fit inside the GoPro BacPac Compatible housing for the Hero 3+ or the standard Hero 3 housing with an extended bacdoor.

A common cable goes from the hub to a stereo jack for use with the included remote control button. The distance from the hub to the remote control can be extended using easily found stereo audio extension cables.

Cameras can be lined up for time slice video or mounted in a circle for a 360 degree panorama.

Cam-Do can provide custom cable assemblies for any number of cameras made to order for your particular needs with wiring lengths cut to suit your installation.

Contact us to discuss custom cables.

Small Connector Standard Connector The standard Pentapus cable is now made with a robust acrylic connector containing a PC board (left). ( 35mm x 22mm x 10mm )

The low profile small connectors (right) are only recommended if you need the smallest possible configuration. ( 26mm x 7mm x 9mm )

Both connector styles fit inside the standard GoPro extended backdoor compatible with Hero 2, Hero 3 and the Hero 3+ BacPac Compatible Housing. The bacdoor can be modified to allow the cable to pass through or O-rings can be used to secure the camera in the housing. Most users choose a frame mount.

If you need the small connectors, please specify small connectors in the comments when ordering and contact us after placing the order to confirm that we received the special instructions.

Pentapus Cable set for 5 cameras
Includes control button

For a different number of cameras, select from the links below:

There is no problem using fewer cameras on a cable with extra connectors.

Control Button

Wired Remote The Pentapus cables come with a compatible wired control button which plugs into the jack on the cable harness.

The convenient button control comes with a cable about 3 feet long.

Bullet Time-Slice Cable Harnesses

Bullet Time Array Cables by Cam-Do
Bullet Time-Slice Cables by Cam-Do

Every user has their own special requirements and we can help find the exact combination of cables, connectors, and other components to meet your needs.

We have supplied the cables for GoPro Bullet Time-Slice arrays to filmmakers all over the world. Array sizes have ranged from 20 cameras to 80 cameras with the distance between cameras ranging from touching to 1 meter apart.

Bullet time slice setups can be as long as a football field, or the cameras can be mounted touching each other for portable use. The longest array we have made so far was 80 cameras. Perhaps you need more. We can do that.

Multi-Camera Trigger
Bullet Time-Slice Trigger Cable

The standard bullet time slice cable consists of 5 connectors with a one foot cable between each camera. Cables can be daisy chained to any length for more cameras. A wired remote trigger button, compatible with the bullet cable end connector, is included with each order.

Bullet Time Cable - 5 cameras   $260.00Add to Cart

Synchronized Shots

Cam-Do cables operate the PWR/Mode button of the GoPro HD Hero, HD Hero 2 and White Hero 3 cameras. When used with the Hero 3 Black, it is possible to turn the cameras on together and execute a Super One Button Mode script which takes a photo or short video and then turns the camera off. Most of our clients use the cables to start video recording at the same time using the camera's ONE-BUTTON-MODE. They record a sound track for synchronization using PluralEyes or similar software.

Another alternative for triggering 4K still images simultaneously is to operate the cameras in simultaneous video and photo mode. This mode is normally used to save a still image once every 5 to 60 seconds while shooting video in 720P at up to 60 frames per second, or 1440P at up to 24 frames per second. When the Cam-Do trigger button is pressed, a frame will be saved simultaneously on all the cameras.

The saved images can be used to create the bullet time-slice video. Since the video is also being saved, frame grabbing can still be used if there is a better combination of images a few frames away.

We can customize the cables for specific installations. Tell us exactly what you want to do. Please be specific about:

  1. how many cameras in your array?
  2. which GoPro camera model you are using?
  3. the distance between cameras (lens to lens)?
  4. preferred length of cable to the trigger button?
  5. is this for indoor or outdoor use?
  6. do you need battery charging?
  7. do you need a computer USB link?
  8. when do you need it?
  9. Will you be making the array / rig, or do you need us to make it?
  10. Will you carryout the post production editing of the footage, or do you need us to do it?

The more information you can provide, the better we can create the solution you are looking for.

Request a quote for custom work.

Waterproof Installations

Bullet time slice cables can be made incorporating the GoPro waterproof backdoor for outdoor installation.

The cables are routed through the hole normally used to control the LCD or battery bacpac and sealed with waterproof sealant.

Multiple Camera Charging System

If your Bullet Time or multiple camera installation requires charging the cameras simultaneously, we can offer the Cambrionix multiple camera charging station, which can rapid charge up to 15 cameras simultaneously.

Multiple Camera SD Card Reader

With the Cambrionix 15 Camera Sync Station, it is possible to connect 15 cameras to one computer for rapid downloading of images and videos from the SD card at 480 MBps (200X faster than WiFi). This saves removing each SD card from the camera and can be done without moving the cameras using USB cables up to 20 feet long (longer with active USB cables).

Filmed with 48 GoPro cameras by Time Slice Films

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to take photos at exactly the same time. How accurately synchronized are the cameras when I use your cables?

The cables we sell do not synchronize the shutter. The cables turn the camera on at the same time when the control button is pressed. In the case of Hero 2 and Hero 3 White cameras, holding the button for 3 seconds will turn the cameras off together (it works exactly the same as the camera MODE button). The Hero 3 and Hero 3+ Black cameras can run a script when they are turned on. The script can take photos, shoot video, turn the WiFi on and off, and turn off the cameras at the end of the script.

If the shutters are not synchronized, how can I make a bullet time-slice video or a 360 degree spherical panorama like streetview?

Typically, our customers shoot video when the cameras are turned on. The sound track is used to provide a synchronizing signal, as simple as a clapper board, or sometimes music. The frames are then grabbed from the video tracks in post production using software such as PluralEyes, AutoPano, PTGui Pro, or other products.

Cam-Do products are designed for use with GOPRO® cameras. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries. has no affiliation with Woodman Labs, Inc.

† The demo videos made by Time Slice Films did not involve the use of products.

WARRANTY: For a period of up to 90 days from the date of purchase Cam-Do agrees to replace the product in the event of failure due to defects of materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by misuse or force majeure.