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LED Wired Remote

This item has been discontinued. See our non-LED wired remote alternative.

For use with Blink & BlinkX

The LED Wired Remote cable can be used with the BlinkX and Blink to trigger the controller's WiFi signal from a distance. The remote's cable is 3ft long and we offer 2.5mm Extension Cables if a longer distance trigger is needed.

The LED of the remote will turn on to provide a visual indication when the GoPro camera has been turned on.

For use with Bullet

The LED Wired Remote is used with the CamDo Bullet for the GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras to allow you to control the GoPro camera's power and shutter functions with the push of a button. The Wired Remote can be used to control a single camera through the Bullet's input port. The output port from the Bullet can be daisy-chained to another Bullet’s input to simultaneously control multiple cameras with a button press from a single Wired Remote.

When used with the Bullet, the LED indicator on the remote will mimic the red LED on the front of the GoPro camera: blink once to indicate taking a picture, and blink continuously to indicate that the camera is recording, etc.

THE LED WIRED REMOTE IS PURCHASED SEPARATELY FROM THE BULLET. Be sure to purchase a LED Wired Remote for each set of Bullets.

Remote Control of Multiple GoPros

Through the use of a set of Bullets, trigger as many GoPro cameras as you want with a push of a button of the Wired Remote.

Low Power Consumption for Extended Use

When used with Bullet(s), the LED Wired Remote extends your camera’s battery life by allowing you to control the power and shutter functions of your GoPro cameras without the considerable power required for WiFi control.

Product Code: AWR01