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Deep Water Flashlight Housing

Product Code: DW-GPH


One of the most frequently asked for accessories to go with the Deep Water Housings is a light to provide illumination at depth.

The Deepwater Light Housing is a machined aluminum housing that is extremely versatile. It is rated to a depth of 1250m or 4,100ft. The outside dimensions of this cylindrical canister are 7.1" long (18cm) with a diameter of 3" (7.6cm). The housing provides a 5.7"x2.5" (14.5cm x 6.3cm) internal space area that can be used for a video LED light, flashlight or streamlined POV cameras such as the GoPro Sessions.

Please note that our Deep Water products may not be purchased for resale to third parties.

  • Resistant to Saltwater

    • The anodized aluminum is resistant to saltwater and harsh environments.

    Rated for Deepwater use

    • Deepwater Light Housing is an machined aluminum housing that is rated to a depth of 1250m or 4,100ft.
  • The Deepwater Light Housings have room for a LED flashlight or GoPro Sessions camera.
  • Information about how to use the housings, care, and maintenance is in theDeep Water Housing User Manual. Although this manual is for the GoPro Housing, the care and maintenance information is similar (the depth rating is not). Read this information before using the housing. It is prudent to test the housing without a camera before deploying for the first time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the Deepwater Light Housing connect to the Intervalometer?

    No. The flashlight and housing are independent from the deep water housing. There is no connection between them. In future, we plan to interface the intervalometer with the flashlight, but that is not available at this time.