GoPro HERO5 Release

The GoPro Hero 5 was released in late 2016 and we have been excited to get our hands on it and test it out. 

For those of you looking to commence your projects immediately, we note that the Hero4 has the same image quality and frame rates as the Hero5. If you need a Hero4 camera, we have limited stock available here.

The following CamDo products will be revised for HERO5 compatibility: 

It is a complete re-design of our products for the new camera which we are busily working away on. The timing for our HERO5 compatible products is mid 2017. If you are interested in becomnig a beta tester for our HERO5 products, please contact us here.

The following CamDo products will be compatible with some minor adjustments and will be ready by 2nd quarter of 2017.