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Dash - GoPro Dashcam Controller

Use your existing GoPro as a Dashcam!

Automatically turn on the GoPro camera and start recording when power is applied to Dash. If Dash is attached to your vehicle's accessory jack, when you start/stop your engine, Dash can automatically turn on/off the GoPro camera.

  • 'Dash' from CamDo converts your GoPro to a dashcam. Check out the CamDo Dashcam pack which provides you with everything to get started.

    Capture exciting footage from your motorbike, race car, plane or helicopter or simply capture a family road trip or bike ride. Plus have the peace of mind if something goes wrong, you will have a record.

    The miniUSB trigger input on Dash will work on any 5V power source so it can run using your vehicle's USB accessory jack, or an alternate custom trigger system of your own design. Dash uses a power regulator so the same 5V trigger signal can be used to provide power to the GoPro camera. Note: Dash is only designed for a 5V power input. Attempting to connect to a voltage greater than 5V may result in damage to Dash and/or the GoPro camera.

    Dash can use any of the GoPro camera's video modes and can be configured to 8 different operating modes for flexibility. When power is applied to the trigger input, Dash can either start recording immediately, or just turn the camera on which can be useful if only using the GoPro's miniHDMI output or running scripts saved to the SD card. When power is removed, Dash can either end the recording immediately and turn off the camera, continue recording for 1 or 10 minutes before ending the recording and turning off the camera, or ignore the removal of the trigger signal and continue to stay powered on.

    settingsEasy & flexible setup

    • Intuitive - just plug in and get started
    • Starts automatically, stops automatically
    • 8 different modes for flexibility(see Support Tab)

    camera_enhanceImage Quality

    • GoPro 4K Image quality
    • Adjustable standard and wide angle capture
    • Compatible with all GoPro video modes including - record video, looping video, video & photo or video time lapse.

    placeTrigger HiLight Tag

    • Use the wired remote to HiLight Tag footage (HERO4 only)

    extensionFlexible mounting

  • Dash will fit inside the extended backdoors included in the GoPro Backdoor Kit that are designed to fit GoPro BacPac accessories. We recommend using the frame mount inside a vehicle.


    Compatibility ( Y / N )


    HERO5 Session

    HERO4 Black

    HERO4 Silver

    HERO4 Session

    HERO (2014)

    HERO3+ Black

    HERO3+ Silver

    HERO3 Black

    HERO3 Silver

    HERO3 White



    Compatible with 5V USB Devices.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which GoPro cameras is Dash compatible with? 

    Please see the Compatibility tab.

    My race car vibrates a lot. How do I keep secure the USB cable in Dash or the  camera?

    We recommend placing a loop in the USB cable and a cable tie to provide a level of security and to reduce the vibration. We also recommend mounting to the windshield where practicable which has less vibration than the dashboard.

    How do I know what mode I am in?

    When you plug Dash in, the LED on the back will flash the same number of times as the set mode. Eg if you are in mode 3, the LED will flash 3 times. If you are in mode 1, the LED will flash once.

    Does powering Dash charge the GoPro battery?

    No. While the GoPro camera can be powered through Dash, Dash does not charge the GoPro battery which makes the camera more reliable when recording for long periods by removing the heat generated by the GoPro battery charging circuit.

    Do I need the internal camera battery?

    Yes, the internal battery must be present to allow time for the GoPro to save the file and ensure your file is not corrupted due to the sudden loss of power. To keep your GoPro charged, we recommend also plugging power into the side of the camera via the mini USB port. The USB charger CamDo offers has 2 x USB output ports so that you can charge the camera at the same time.

    Does Dash support scripting?

    Yes! Using modes 5, 6, 7, or 8, the camera will only turn on, it will not automatically start recording. You are then in complete control using scripts. CamDo offers custom firmware to enable scripting on the HERO4 camera - check it out here.

    How does Looping Video work with the GoPro camera?

    The video looping feature of the GoPro cameras allows you to shoot 5 minutes to 2 hours of video in a continuous loop. When the programmed time is up, the camera will erase the first segment of the video and begin recording a new segment. We recommend using the 2hr setting as GoPro chaptering on the MAX setting is not ideal (see below).  The video is saved in segments which can be combined using GoPro’s Cineform Studio. Segment length depends on the total time selected.

    Check out our detailed blog post here about the best GoPro settings/options for use as a Dashcam.

  • General support can be found on our Support pages here.

    Average GoPro recording times in each video setting (limited by SD card capacity)

    Also read the FAQ's tab for more information.

    Dash Modes

    To enter programming mode, insert the wired remote into the “Config/Highlight” port and hold the button down while plugging Dash into the camera. The LED will periodically flash to indicate what mode it is currently set to. Each button press on the wired remote will to cycle to the next operating mode. Unplug Dash or remove all power to exit programming mode.



    Camera Action / Operation

    USB power received

    USB power removed


    Turn on and start recording

    Stop recording and turn off


    Turn on and start recording

    Continue recording for 1 minute, then stop recording and turn off


    Turn on and start recording

    Continue recording for  10 minutes, then stop recording and turn off


    Turn on and start recording

    Do Nothing


    Turn on

    Stop recording (if recording), and Turn off


    Turn on

    Wait 1 minute (note camera may not be recording in this mode eg if using scripts), then stop recording (if recording) and turn off


    Turn on

    Wait 10 minutes (note camera may not be recording in this mode eg if using scripts), then stop recording (if recording) and turn off


    Turn on

    Do Nothing

    See the 'Dash' User Manual for further details.

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