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USB Cables - Mini-USB (male)


Product Code: USB-3FT - LUS01
USB-10FT - LUS02

This cable features a standard USB A male connector on one end and a 5-pin mini B connector on the other. It uses 24AWG conductors for the power lines and 28AWG conductors for the data lines, for improved current carrying capacity. The cable is shielded using braid and foil shields and it includes a single ferrite core, which helps filter out electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI). The connectors are gold plated for smooth, corrosion free connections.

  • High Speed Charge and Download

    • 100% compliant with USB 2.0 specifications
    • 28 AWG data conductors for download speeds up to 480MB/s
    • 24 AWG power conductors for rapid charging.

    Noise resistant

    • Shielded tightly-braided wires to protect against external signal interference
    • Includes a ferrite core to prevent RF and electromagnetic interference

    Durable construction

    • Gold plated connectors ensure a smooth, corrosion-free connection
    • Molded connector heads have molded strain relief boots to reduce cable strain

  • Camera

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    HERO5 Session

    HERO4 Black

    HERO4 Silver

    HERO4 Session

    HERO (2014)

    HERO3+ Black

    HERO3+ Silver

    HERO3 Black

    HERO3 Silver

    HERO3 White



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between 28/24AWG and regular 28AWG USB cables?

    The 28 AWG data conductors are standard for download data at USB 2.0 speeds. The power conducting wires are built to a thicker 24 AWG. The increase in thickness of the power wiring allows the cable to carry more power and charge devices at a faster rate.