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FTP upload for UpBlink


Camera status & remote monitoring!

Please note, CamDo is unable to support troubleshooting your FTP server and network connections.

  • FTP storage | Camera Status Uploads | Remote Monitoring

    cloud_uploadFTP vs CloudX

    The following diagram summarises the difference between using CamDo's CloudX platform vs deploying your own FTP server.

    • Upload to customer FTP/SFTP service.
    • Customer maintained.
    • One-off fee.
    • No CamDo monthly fees.
    • No CamDo technical support.
    • Can be locally deployed (no internet required).
    • CamDo maintained.
    • CamDo technical support.
    • Low monthly fee.
    • View images through CloudX portal.
    • Auto time lapse generation.
    • Email notifications.

    buildHow does it work?

    FTP for UpBlink allows you to integrate image upload into your existing infrastructure.

    • FTP and SFTP protocols supported.

    • Image upload after every image or once per day.

    • Status file upload so you can check on vital stats such as SD card free space.

    • Can be deployed on a local wifi network to a local FTP server so can be used with no internet connection.
    • Monitor your time lapse camera remotely.

    If you don't have the time to worry about deploying your own FTP server, you'll want to check out CloudX, CamDo's managed time-lapse platform.

    question_answerHeartbeat status

    Uploads a text file to a status folder on your server listing heartbeat status items confirming:

    • SD Card space remaining
    • # of photos and video taken since last status

    In order to use this feature, UpBlink must be near a 802.11n WiFi access point with an internet connection(either an open WiFi network or WPA secure network). WEP secure networks are older technology and not supported. Alternatively a 3G/4G hotspot can be plugged into UpBlink.

    account_circleSounds great, how do I get access?

    FTP functionality for UpBlink is a one-off purchase for lifetime access including lifetime firmware updates.

    If you don't know how to setup an FTP server or need email notifications and automatic time lapse generation, checkout CloudX, CamDo's managed time lapse platform.:

    assignmentFeatures and Pricing

    The following compares FTP functionality to the CamDo CloudX service.



    CloudX Lite Plan

    CloudX Pro Plan

    Status Heartbeat

    (via uploaded status text file)

    Daily Email

    Image Upload

    Cloud Storage By customer
    Status history only

    15 GB storage
    Automatic Time Lapse Creation By customer
    Once per week
    Monthly fee n/a
    One-off fee n/a n/a

    camera_enhanceWhat cameras can I use?

    The platform is compatible with UpBlink and GoPro cameras.

    assignment Anything else?

    Additional features we are working on:

      • Remote schedule updates - change the schedule from the comfort of your chair.
      • Remote firmware update - get the latest features pushed out to all your devices automatically.



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    FTP Heartbeat

    FTP Upload




  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an FTP server?

    If you are not familiar with FTP, you will want to check out CloudX, CamDo's managed time lapse platform.

    I just received UpBlink - how do I activate FTP functionality?

    Once you have received your UpBlink controller, email with your UpBlink SSID details and we will send you a firmware update keyed specifically to your device. See the next FAQ to check your activation.

    I just activated FTP - how do I know it worked and where do I put in my server settings?

    Once activated, the following dropdown box will appear under "Upload Schedule" --> "Upload Type" (see screenshot below). Select FTP or SFTP and fill in the server details.
    ftp dropdown

    Can I use the FTP firmware on more than one UpBlink?

    No. each firmware is keyed to your particular UpBlink controller. If you have multiple controllers, you will need to purchase 1 x FTP license per UpBlink controller.

    Can I use FTP to upload to Google Drive or DropBox?

    No. You will need to deploy your own FTP server or purchase a subscription from a web based service. Last time we checked, offered an FTP service for Enterprise and Business accounts.

    How do I setup an FTP server?

    If you don't know how to setup an FTP server or need email notifications and automatic time lapse generation, check out CloudX, CamDo's managed time lapse platform.

    Do you support FTP and SFTP?

    Yes, both protocols are supported. We do not support FTPS.

    Help, my FTP connection is not working.

    We cannot support the setup of your FTP server, however we suggest the following as a starting point:

    • Check using free online tools such as to validate your FTP server is working correctly and help troubleshooting.
    • Check you can login to your FTP server using free FTP software such as Filezilla.
    • Check you can ping your server from the command line in MacOS, Windows or Linux. eg "ping"


    Can I get status updates?

    Yes, a status.json text file containing status information is uploaded to the FTP server so you can check status remotely.

    Can I update firmware remotely using FTP?

    Yes, simply place the UpBlink firmware update file into the status folder. On the next upload event, UpBlink will download the firmware and update.

    Can I change the settings of the camera remotely?

    Not yet. This is likely to be a future feature.

  • This product does not have any specific support pages as it is a customer deployed FTP server. Please see the FAQ's tab for more information.

    General support can be found on our Support pages here.

    Also read the FAQ's tab for more information.

Product Codes: SCS09 (FTP)