Customer Cla Tschenett recently shared the final video showing the construction and capabilities of his family’s company,Tschenett AG. They decided to build a new hall/workshop in their village of Müstair, Switzerland to have more space for the daily business: roof constructing, plumbing and heating installations. The new hall is large enough to allow growth to a new offering: Waterjet cutting. 
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Back in October, we featured an in-progress construction time lapse of La Pedrera, in Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina submitted by CamDo customer and director/co-producer on the project, Gustavo L. Salgado. Salgado graciously reached out again to provide a complete time lapse video of the project. Check in out!

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David Trood used Blink to create in-progress construction time lapse videos to supplement the amazing Experimentarium construction video we recently featured. A great idea for all construction time lapse projects.
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Customer Runolfur Gudbjornsson has created a simple, clean and impressive construction time lapse of a demolition and construction of aLidl supermarketover an 8 month period using an array of CamDo products.
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Photographer David Trood was commissioned by Evergas to show the construction of the world's largest Ethane gas carrier in a shipyard in China. He has created an impressive video, demonstrating creative usage of time lapse footage.
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Introducing Blink Email Updates. Save time by not having to visit your site to know the installation is still working. We'll send you status updates by e-mail (to your specified schedule at your specified time), so you can spend your time elsewhere, with the peace of mind you are not losing valuable footage.
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CamDo customer Gustavo L. Salgado uses the Programmable Scheduler to capture an impressive construction time lapse of La Pedrera construction in Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina.
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